Modelo aplicável

Esta informação é para os seguintes modelos:

  • ODS-D280U
  • ODS-D380U
  • ODS-D55U
  • ODS-D77UA

- Content Manager Software macOS Version 4.4.0
- Contetn Manager Software Windows Version 4.4.0
- Help Guide of Content Manager Version 4.4.0
- ReleaseNote4.4.0_mac_enu.pdf: Release Notes of Content Manager Software macOS (EN)
- ReleaseNote4.4.0_mac_jpn.pdf: Release Notes of Content Manager Software macOS (JP)
- ReleaseNote4.4.0_win_enu.pdf: Release Notes of Content Manager Software WindowsOS (EN)
- ReleaseNote4.4.0_win_jpn.pdf: Release Notes of Content Manager Software WindowsOS (JP)

Content Manager is a content management application for Optical Disc Archive System users. 
The main functions of this software are listed below.

  • Archives video and audio files onto cartridges. Manages archived files efficiently using metadata extracted and recorded in a database when files are archived. It can also manage shelf cartridges (offline cartridges), in addition to cartridges inserted in drives in an Optical Disc Archive System (online cartridges).
  • Displays a list of archived files, thumbnail images, and proxy video for previewing archived files.
  • Searches archived files using metadata. It can also search for text transcriptions using speech recognition and for people using face recognition.
  • Retrieves archived files on cartridges to a computer.<Optical Disc Archive Utility>

[System Reqirements]
 Microsoft Windows
 * Microsoft Windows 10
 * Microsoft Windows 11
 * macOS Big Sur 11.7.9
 * macOS Monterey 12.6.8
 * macOS Ventura 13.5.2

[Software version]
After installing this package, the software version will be “V4.4.0”.

[Summary in Ver4.4.0]
- Improved the issue where DB Update was executed unexpectedly if there was a hidden 
ContentManager file during cartridge inject.
- Improved the problem that the log with the driver branch number was not obtained when 
obtaining the log.
- Improved the display of progress rate during compression during DB backup.
- Improved so that network drives are not displayed as DB regular backup destination.
- File Manager mode
- Support cartridge duplication reporting function.
- Supported the ability to copy all cartridge files currently in the Library to external storage.
[Note] Supported external storage file systems are NTFS or CIFS only.

Refer to the release notes for details (especially precautions and instructions).
Release Note (both English and Japanese) is available in the download items above.