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Functions of Your A9F_AF9, Z9F_ZF9 Series TV

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This article describes the main functions of the A9F_AF9, Z9F_ZF9 Series TV. For detailed information, check the TV manual.

Android TV™ Functions

The A9F_AF9, Z9F_ZF9 Series TVs are loaded with Android™ 8.0 at the time of purchase. The articles in this section discuss the functions unique to Android TV, such as connecting to the internet and using apps.

Basic Operation

Use the Home menu and TV Menu Bar to access various menus, check programs, and change the TV settings.

A9F_AF9, Z9F_ZF9 Series TV Features

The following functions are newly added with the A9F_AF9 and Z9F_ZF9 Series TVs.

Additional Information

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