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Android TV's Backlight Turns Off and On

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The Android TV's backlight turns off and on when you watch videos.

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Before You Start

Make sure that your Android TV™ has the latest software installed  and that all of your Google PlayStore apps are updated.


Follow the steps below:

Note: Change the setting while you play a video app on your TV or from a connected source.

  1. On the supplied remote control, press the ACTION MENU.
  2. Select Picture Adjustments.
  3. Set Light Sensor to Off.
  4. Press the Back button to select Advance Settings.
  5. Set Black Adjust to Off.
  6. Press the Back button the set Adv. Contrast Enhancer to Off.

Note: Some apps, such as Amazon® Instant video and the YouTube® video service, will remember this setting. The Hulu® video streaming app won't.