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The recorded image seems dark or there is a shadow on it.

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If the lens cover of the camcorder is not fully opened, images taken may become dark or shadowy. Make sure that the lens cover is fully opened and always check the subject on the LCD screen before shooting or recording.

If the lens cover does not open upon turning the unit on, try turning the power off and on again. If the unit has a lens cover that can be manually opened or closed, move the lens cover switch until the lens cover is fully open.

NOTE: Below are some of the possible causes why the lens cover will not open or close properly.

  • Water getting inside the lens.
  • Sand or debris getting attached to the lens.
  • Deformation of the lens due to shock or weight.

If the lens cover still does not open properly, there is a possibility that there is a defect in the opening/closing mechanism of the lens cover portion, the product may need to be repaired.