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The USB device is not recognized by the Bluetooth speaker.

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Follow these troubleshooting steps if the USB device is not recognized by the Bluetooth® speaker.

NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check the USB function status after completing each step.

  • Tap the USB-A button on the Bluetooth speaker to switch to USB-A mode.
  • Confirm whether the USB device is inserted properly. If it is not inserted correctly, turn off the speaker, disconnect the USB device. Reinsert the USB device and turn on the speaker.
  • Verify that the speaker and the USB device are directly connected, and not via a USB hub.
  • You may not use the USB-A function depending on the network status. Wait until the function becomes available.
  • Connect to a network that has an Internet access. A malfunction may occur if the USB device is not connected to the Wi-Fi® network.