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How to troubleshoot when the cassette player is eating tapes.

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  1. Make sure the proper type of cassette tape is being used.

    NOTE: Some cassette players are not compatible with High Bias or Metal tapes and will not play correctly.

  2. Clean the tape heads using a dry head-cleaning cassette tape.
  3. Attempt to playback a tape that is shorter in length.

    NOTE: C120 and C180 cassette tapes may not play properly. C60 and C90 are recommended.

  4. Depending on the location of your unit, the tape heads may have condensation on them. Open up the tape door, unplug the unit and let the unit sit for approximately one hour to dry up any moisture. Then plug the unit back in and try the unit once more.

If the issue is still unresolved, service may be required.