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What are the PlayMemories Camera Apps?

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The PlayMemories™ Camera Apps are mini applications that can be downloaded and installed onto select Sony® cameras. These apps add specific features to the camera. Some apps are free, others may require a small fee to download. Visit this PlayMemories camera apps Web site for information about supported cameras.

Here are some of the PlayMemories Camera Apps that can be downloaded and installed:

  • Smart Remote Control
  • Direct Upload
  • Picture Effect+
  • Multi Frame NR
  • Time-lapse
  • Multiple Exposure
  • Lens Compensation
  • Motion Shot
  • Light Shaft
  • Retouch Photo
  • Portrait Lighting
  • Cinematic Photo
  • Bracket Pro
  • Motion Shot
  • Light Shaft
  • Liveview Grading

NOTE: The PlayMemories Camera Apps may not be available in some countries and regions.