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Can't Focus the Subject While the Camera is in Intelligent Auto Mode

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  1. The camera may lose focus whenever there is a strong light source or a blinking light during a night scene. In such cases it may automatically switch to Macro mode instead of Night Scene.

    Note: The Macro mode is automatically enabled when the camera is moved close enough to the subject.

  2. When shooting in night scenes, change the Intelligent Auto mode of the camera to one of the following modes under the Scene Selection mode:
    • Night Scene
    • Twilight
    • Handheld Twilight

    Note: You can also select Center AF in Focus Area in the Program Auto mode as an alternative.

  3. If people are the subject during a night scene, use the following modes for focusing:
    • Night Scene
    • Twilight
    • Twilight Portrait
    • Night Portrait


  • Use a tripod to avoid blur caused by camera shake.
  • The modes above vary between camera models. Refer to the manual for specific information. Os manuais são postados em seu modelo de página de suporte.
  • For the RX series, use DMF (Direct manual focus) or MF (Manual focus) if you still can't focus even after trying the different modes above.