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There are errors and I cannot burn video to a Blu-ray Disc media using the PlayMemories Home software.

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You may get the error: Error burning blu-ray 0070-8012-8013-0000co1b 0070-8012-80130000, it might stop burning at 15%, or you might get other errors and you cannot create a Blu-ray Disc® media.

To fix these errors, make sure any Blu-ray Disc add-on software is installed and that you are using the latest version of the PlayMemories Home™ software.


  • Uninstall other burning applications such as Roxio™ software which might cause conflicts with the PlayMemories Home software.
  • PlayMemories Home software updates are available online. Cheque os Downloads disponíveis para seu modelo.
  • Not all cameras are supplied with PlayMemories Home. To verify if your camera was supplied with PlayMemories Home, check the specifications. Os manuais são postados em seu modelo de página de suporte.
  • If you have the PlayMemories Home 4.2.10 installation disc, install the Blu-ray Disc Add-on software from the disc.
  • If you have PlayMemories Home installation disc prior to version 4.2.10, download and install the add-on software from the PlayMemories Home Blu-ray Disc Add-on software download page.