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What is the Fresh Start option?

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The Fresh Start™ option is a Configured-to-Order (CTO) option for the removal of specific VAIO® applications, trial software and games.


  • The Fresh Start option is only available on selected VAIO notebooks computers, and only on computers purchased online via Sony® Store or from a Sony retail store location.
  • Information regarding the Fresh Start option availability on current or soon to be available Sony computers is available online. Informações em breve estará disponível produtos Sony® e acessórios está disponível on-line através da Loja Sony.


  • Games like Hearts, Cells, Chess Titans, Minesweeper, etc., are a part the Windows operating system and are not removed with the Fresh Start option.
  • VAIO utility software such as VAIO Care, VAIO Recovery Center or VAIO Control Center are Sony VAIO proprietary maintenance software utilities and are not removed with the Fresh Start option. It is advised that these software utilities not be uninstalled as they are needed to maintain or change system settings.