Modelo aplicável

Esta informação é para os seguintes modelos:

  • REA-C1000

This file is the firmware version 5.0.0 of REA-C1000.

[Software version upgrade method]
For the version upgrade procedure, refer to the operation Guide.
For the technical details of Edge Analytics Appliance REA-C1000, please refer to the "Technical Documents" posted in the Knowledge section of the product page.

[Operating environment]
The following operation environment is necessary for the computer used for controlling.

- OS
  Microsoft Windows 11 (64-bit)
  Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

- Web browser
  Google Chrome (Recommended)
  Microsoft Edge

[Additional Function]
Functions added / changed in Ver. 5.0.0

PTZ Auto Framing
- This application tracks a moving target, and automatically moves a remote camera left/right/up/ down and zooms in/out to maintain optimum composition while shooting.

Added supported cameras
- The following cameras are supported.
  - ILME-FR7
  - SRG-A40
  - SRG-A12
  - SRG-X40UH
  - SRG-H40UH

- The security has been enhanced.
- This software update improves system performance.